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Dr. Bruce D. Watson
Founder, Principal
Heads Together
Type of Business: Community consultation and organizational development company
Major Products and Services: Consultation, facilitation, implementation, training and guidance on management and organizational development for individuals and organizations in the public, private, nonprofit and community sectors
Marketing Area: Regional
Years in Position: 13
Years in Profession: 41
Day-to-Day Responsibilities: Advising clients on various issues and projects; Providing training workshops and community consultations with a focus on evidence-based research; Strategic planning; Mentoring; Coaching; Partnering with B1G1; Serving as a solid link between individuals, businesses and communities
Expertise: Organizational development; Community-based solutions
Educational Background: Ph.D. in Organizational Learning, University of Melbourne (2002); Master's Degree in Educational Studies, Monash University (1986)
Licenses/Certifications: Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training, University of Melbourne (2003)
Awards/Honors: Seven-Time Recipient, Australian Achiever Award (2007-2013)
Philanthropy: The Phoenix Institute, Melbourne, Australia; Cairnmillar Institute
What do you attribute your success to? He attributes his success to his determination. In addition, he takes an ethical approach to all he does and maintains a broad perspective, considering how present actions pertain to the future. Dr. Watson has an inner drive to work toward making things better for the future, not just for himself, but for the community as a whole.
How did you get involved in your profession? He became involved in his profession because of his long-held interest in community development processes, after starting his career as a medical scientist working in diagnostic pathology and spending many years in teaching and executive roles. Dr. Watson taught at RMIT University and held positions as head of department, head of school and deputy dean. Following retrenchment in 1999, he decided to pursue his interest in community development processes. He has always held a volunteer position within the community.
Where will you be in five years? In five years, Dr. Watson plans to continue growing his company with larger projects that involve more people.
Hobbies/Interests/Sports: Georgian A Cappella singing; Film acting; Photography; Collecting Albert Schweitzer, and Laurel and Hardy memorabilia; Taking writing courses on both fiction and nonfiction writings; Attending the opera, ballet and theater
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