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Bruce Watson

Founder, Principal | Heads Together


Bruce D. Watson is a management and organisational development consultant with a difference. His approach is evidence-based and community-based rather than the ‘flavour of the month’. He is the founder and principal of Heads Together, a boutique, sole-trader consultancy headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

Dr. Watson's work is specially geared toward community development and adult educational services. He advises his clients on various issues and projects involving training workshops, strategic planning, decision-making and community consultation. His goal is to provide a solid link between individuals, business and the community.

Dr. Watson began his career working in the field of diagnostic pathology as a medical scientist. He subsequently moved to a teaching career at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology [RMIT] University, where he eventually took on executive duties as well.

Throughout his distinguished career, Dr. Watson has demonstrated a high level of determination and a strong sense of ethics. These qualities, along with his drive toward improving the future, are instrumental to the success of his work.

Dr. Watson's educational credentials are as impressive as his professional accomplishments. They include a doctorate in organizational learning from the University of Melbourne, a Certificate IV in assessment and workplace training from the University of Melbourne and a master's degree in educational studies from Monash University.

Dr. Watson is affiliated with a number of professional and civic organizations, including the Australia Institute of Management, of which he is a fellow, and the Australia College of Educators.He is a business partner of Buy 1 Give 1 [B1G1].

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